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Most Energy Solutions Also Contribute to Better Indoor Air Quality


How Do You Get Started?   It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1.  Call us for an energy Audit or a Free (no obligation) Infrared Camera Inspection

2.  From a building scientist, you learn what YOUR home and family need to resolve your comfort, health, or energy efficiency issue(s).  

3 .  You let us know how you want to proceed, and what your budget allows, and our skilled team goes to work for you!  

Solutions Vary Depending on the Home

Depending on your specific home or building, there are specific strategies that will be recommended.  As building performance specialist, we look at your house as a whole. We look at the relationship between a building's various systems to improve energy usage and indoor air quality.  The result is a home that is durable, comfortable, healthy, safe, and energy efficient.

SRI Energy is able to navigate which option(s) meets your needs!  Or, if you are shopping for one of the services below, we can help!

  • Insulation - Blown and Foam

  • Duct Leakage - Testing and Sealing (Air, not moisture)

  • Air Infiltration - Testing and Sealing

  • Energy Star Windows (Some refer to them as  Thermal Windows)

  • Heat and Air Replacement

  • Ventilation

  • Radiant Barrier

  • Foaming the Crawl Space or Applying a Vapor Barrier

  • Attic Tents or Attic Fan Covers or Removal

Spend Your Dollars Wisely

Call us for a no obligation inspection of your home.  You learn a lot from just having us in your home!  Here are a few examples:  
  1. Call for Attic insulation:  Our recommendation was that he didn't need blown attic insulation.  We were able to point him in a direction that would solve his concerns without having to spend unnecessary money.  He told us if we had said he needed it, he didn't know better and he would just paid to have it done.    
  2. Call to Foam a bump out room for comfort:  Foaming can actually reduce the air changes per hour in a home.  We identified his home was too tight, and unless he was willing to put in ventilation we would not foam because it compromised the health of his home by making it tighter.   If a foam insulation company had been called, they would have just foamed it...without understanding that they just compromised the health of his home.  .
  3. Air Conditioner ran all the time in the summer:  We explained it was premature to replace his heat and air system which he was entertaining.  We recommended sealing the duct system, a professional air seal, and adding insulation.  He agreed and called us within a few days saying we were miracle workers--he had owned his home for years and the heat and air system never turned off.  It was over 100 degress and his home was more comfortable than it had ever been and his heat and air unit now turns off even in the heat of the day.  
  4. We could go on, and on....

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