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Energy Star  Outperforms Thermal 

Energy Star is a government rating that requires specific features.   Those features work together to insulate your home from weather extremes. The energy efficiency will create a more comfortable home.  Energy Star windows significantly reduce the heat and cold that moves across your window and your home.  ChooseTrailBlazer™ insulated windows for beauty, comfort and cost savings.  If you are looking at replacement windows, you owe it to yourself to look closely at the features that are provided with Trailblazer™ Energy Star Tulsa Replacement Windows. 

How Can I Benefit from Purchasing Energy Star Replacement Windows from SRI Energy?

When selecting windows, you have many choices, but how do you know what is really best for your home?   How do you know they will be installed correctly?  What's the difference between thermal windows and Energy Star windows?  What makes a good window from a building scientist's perspective? 

Benefits You Can Expect 
with Energy Star Replacement Windows

Let's start with giving you an overview of how you can benefit from Energy Star replacement windows:
  1. Comfort:  In the summer, as the air conditioned air comes into contact with the hot surface of the windows, it causes air movement in your home.  The same is true in the winter as heated air touches the cold or freezing panes of glass.  This causes uncomfortable drafts.  Further, inefficient windows mean your heat and air unit come on more frequently as it works to overcome a significant number of square feet of uninsulated glass.   
  2. Energy Savings:  Significant reduction in energy waste and energy savings that can go toward your investment in Energy Star replacement windows.  Especially, if you have single pane windows--think about it, it's like having R-1 insulation on 15-20% of your exterior walls!
  3. Beauty:  Beauty and curb appeal add value to your home.  Beauty combined with the benefits of Energy Star windows just "makes cents."
  4. Proper Installation:  You can know that your investment in replacement windows has not been compromised by poor installation.  The best Energy Star windows can be compromised in their effectiveness without proper installations.  SRI Energy provides a lifetime warranty against breakage and seal failure.
  5. Affordable:  Prices for quality Energy Star replacement windows Tulsa are all over the place.  You can have beauty, quality, and affordability without breaking your pocket book.  We are always sad for homeowners when they have just made a purchase paying thousands of dollars for what we could have provided with equal or better quality at less than half the cost!
  6. Confidence:  You can feel confident that you are not paying too much for quality and your home's needs have been addressed by professionals trained in building science as well as window construction.
  7. Building Scientist:  Building scientists are available to answer your questions! 

Yes! We Offer Financing

We offer one year "Same as Cash" Financing.  If you would prefer more conventional financing, we can help with that too!  Depending upon the loan amount, we offer rates as low as 4.99% to 9.99% WAC through our lending partner Enerbank  and Arvest who can usually get approval within 15 minutes. 

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Energy Star Features vs Thermal

Window Frames
Vinyl windows are foam insulated during manufacturing for a complete seal.
Metal windows or Vinyl windows without insulation.

Window Glass
Double strength commercial glass is thicker and provides a more effective barrier.
Residential glass which is thinner, and more prone to breakage.

Window Glass Radiant Heat Barrier
The gap between panels of glass have Low E (silver oxide) and Argon gas filled to reduce heat transfer.
Narrower gaps between panels, which may or may not have a  low E radiant barrier.

Window Glass Silver Oxide

Energy Star requires a coating to reflect heat.  We use Silver Oxide (Low E)  because of its superior quality.
Thermal windows may use lower quality tin oxides to reflect heat or none at all.

Window Breakage
SRI Energy provides a lifetime warranty against breakage or seal failure, for any reason.
Thermal windows can crack due to stresses or temperature changes.  Seal failures may not warrantied.


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