Soft-Lite Windows -- Premium at its Best

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Soft-Lite Windows -- Providing the Options You Have Only Dreamed Of

Wood Grain, Colors, and Outstanding Quality

We know windows are a big investment.  Trailblazer's great window line does not come in all the colors some customers desire.  We want your windows to fulfill your dreams for your home.  So, for our premium line, we selected Soft-Lite Windows, and here's why.

Soft-Lite is  an ENERGY STAR® Partner, an indication of their commitment to producing the most energy-efficient windows in the industry. In fact, most of Soft-Lite product lines are recognized as ENERGY STAR® “Most Efficient Products,” thanks to precision-engineered and manufactured weather barriers that minimize energy-wasting air infiltration. This means that when you purchase Soft-Lite windows for your home, you’ll enjoy reduced heating and cooling costs.

In addition to the ENERGY STAR® label for Soft-Lite windows, they  are Gold Label certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Soft-Lite also belongs to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), which develops and administers methods to measure the energy efficiency of windows, doors and skylights.

Safety is King!

Soft-Lite also offers a laminated glass option to provide homeowners with a highly effective means of deterring break-ins. Armor Glass Plus windows and doors feature three glass panes—two of which sandwich a tough polyvinyl butyral inner layer—to keep out intruders. In tests, these products withstand more than 30 blows from a baseball bat before a hole the size of a quarter appears. Armor Glass also offers other benefits, including improved sound control, safety and energy savings and solar protection.  Soft-Lite consistently wins the prestigious McGruff Award for Safety.

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Soft-Lite Windows -- Premium at its Best

Soft-Lite Windows

Are Premium Windows

When you are willing to pay more for the very best, then Soft-Lite provides the top end with many features not available or offered in other brands. 

This premium window can compete against any window and win!  However, it isn't the most expensive window on the market which is why SRI Energy has decided to offer Soft Lite as our premier window when colors and wood grains are important.  

You Deserve the best, but you can have the best without paying outrageous prices!   Plus, Soft-lite windows were named the 2017  Energy Star Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence  which puts them top in our book.  


Soft-Lite Windows -- Premium at its Best

What Color Do You Want?  

Choose from a wide variety of exterior colors and interior wood grains.  

Check out the wood grains in this picture.  The beauty of these windows is that they offer so many options to chose from to meet your color and style choices.  You can have forest green, black, wedgewood blue, royal brown, and of course whites, ivory, and almond exterior colors to name a few.  You can then match them up with cherry or oak on the interior of your home providing warmth and richness.

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