Duct Blaster Testing


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Do I Care if My Duct System Leaks?

When a duct system leaks, it is essentially distributing air where it is not designed to go.  Your heat and air unit(s) have to work harder and longer to get enough air to the areas it was designed to supply.  Here are some other reasons:
  • Leaky duct systems allow attic, garage, or crawl space air to infiltrate your home resulting in poorer indoor air quality.
  • Puts more wear and tear on your heat and air system
  • Energy waste--you are losing air that you paid to condition into the unconditioned spaces of the attic, crawlspace, or garage.
  • Some rooms in your home may not be getting the amount of air flow they were designed to receive resulting in rooms that are too warm or cool.


Duct Blaster Testing

How are Duct Blaster Tests Performed? 

A duct blaster is connected to your duct system.  Unlike its name, it does not "blast" the duct work.  Instead, it measures the amount of leakage that is occurring.  The duct system should be a sealed system.  

A knowledgeable analyst can test to determine if it is leaking into "conditioned" space (inside the home) or if the leakage is occurring in unconditioned space (in attics, garages, etc) 

Sometimes the leakage is bad enough an analyst can tell by just looking at the system.  However, having a duct blaster test can give you quantifiable information on whether you need to have your duct system sealed.  For more information on duct sealing click here
Duct Blaster Testing

Comfortable and Healthy Home

Remarkably, many heat and air companies do not do a good job sealing the duct work.   Additionally, over time, unsecured or joints without the proper amount of mastic can come loose resulting in wasting cold air by blowing it into the attic or in the crawl space (depending upon where your ducts are located).  

Sealing the duct work helps to promote indoor air quality by being sure that air is not being pulled into the home from some of the places where the most unhealthy air in the home resides--crawl spaces and attics.

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