Some of the Causes of a Sick House


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What Should You Do if You Suspect Your Indoor Air Quality is Poor?

Most of the issues that cause poor indoor air quality can be addressed, and the solutions are frequently not cost prohibitive.    
1. Call the office for an appointment
2. Review your concerns with our knowledgeable staff
3. Have a walk through with one of our indoor environmentalists – you will learn a lot
4. Let them help you decide if additional testing is needed.


Some of the Causes of a Sick House

What Causes Indoor Air Quality Issues:


There are many things which contribute.  Here is a list taken from the Air Advice website that gives an excellent overview of the kinds of things that work together to pollute the air in your home.  But don’t worry, there are some very specific things we can do to help with this.  You don’t have to and shouldn’t live with it! 

  • Bedrooms – dust mites, pet dander, fragrances, dry-cleaning

  • Family rooms – tobacco smoke, wood stoves/fireplaces, non-vented space heaters

  • Bathrooms – plumbing leaks, damp flooring and carpeting, excessive moisture, insect debris, viruses and bacteria, household cleaners, air fresheners

  • Kitchens – cooking smoke, gas appliances, household cleaning agents, insect debris, viruses and bacteria, garbage pails, plumbing leaks

  • Attics – outdated insulation, old clothing and bedding, asbestos, dust

  • Garages – paints and solvents, auto exhaust and gasoline fumes, pesticides and herbicides, carbon monoxide, hobby supplies (like vanishes and glues)

  • Basements – radon, plumbing leaks, viruses and bacteria, dust

  • Fireplaces – carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particle allergens, chemical pollutants, and temperature, humidity, air pressure issues

  • Yards – pollen, dust, pesticides, herbicides

  • Smokers

Some of the Causes of a Sick House

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